Beauty, Hair & Hairstyle, DIY (Do It Yourself), Fashion & Fashion Tips, Inspiring women. Style, Color, About a healthier and happier life. Oh, and did we mention Style?

These are a few of our favorite things and we’re looking for creative & passionate guest bloggers to help us explore more on these topics right here on Cuts n Cloths.

So would you like be our star blogger? Here’s the deal:

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for guest bloggers who have a passion for one or more of the topics listed above, and who can write fresh, fun, and attention-grabbing blog posts about the world of woman’s beauty and beyond.

We are looking for like-minded bloggers who can commit to at least two blog posts per month.

You don’t have to be established blogger in the blogging world, but you should enjoy writing and be able to do it well, with minimal grammar or spelling errors.

We are looking for bloggers with original ideas, fresh outlooks, and unique voices. We like to laugh, and we love to connect, so if you’ve got a funny bone and an active Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or any other social presence, that’s even better.

For guest post, a short biography with full name, this will help our visitors to understand who you are.

Kindly make sure what you write is ORIGINAL THOUGHT OF YOUR BRAIN NOT OTHERS….

Bonus :

  • If you have an established blog/following in a certain topic area and would like to expand your reach by guest blogging with us, we’d love to hear more about you!
  • If you do your own nail art, have awesome makeup or hair skills, or live to DIY and would like to share tutorials for your projects, we’d love to hear more about you!

Note: being a great photographer is not necessary, but it is a bonus. You do need to be comfortable finding, editing, and uploading photographs—but we have been known to use (and love) many a well-lit smartphone photo around here.

What’s in it for YOU:

Advantages of being a Content Writer for Fashion & beauty blog on Cuts n Cloths:

  1. No need to maintain your own beauty blog.
  2. No need to invest your money for your niche website.
  3. FREE AUTHOR CREDIT worldwide on online.
  4. Opportunity to improve your knowledge on fashion & beauty.
  5. Opportunity to improve your Writing Skills for fashion & beauty.
  6. Free Online Branding.
  7. No stress as you can write according to your Time (but make sure you write atleast 2 blogs per month).
  8. Earn Search engine friendly Do-follow Backlinks.
  9. Promotion on our social front
  10. Links out to your personal blog and/or social media accounts.
  11. The chance to have your voice heard and become a prominent part of the Cuts n Cloths community!


So don’t wait, show your friend your other side as an Author… Make them Jealous. LOL…

Drop us a mail with your article at

And don’t forget to mention ‘Guest Blogger (Your Name) & Blog Title’ in Subject Line.

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