A Must Have Bras For Every Lingerie Drawers

Every lingerie drawer needs to have a few basics to carry us through all occasions and give us flexibility with our wardrobe. How many bra to own? Really depends on you, but if you have the basics covered, you’re laughing.

Your everyday bra

This could be a t-shirt bra, a smooth contoured bra or your favourite workhorse bra. An “everyday” bra looks differently to everybody, but it’s comfortable and usually pretty smooth so you can’t see seams through your clothes.

Some of my favourite everyday bras are….

Fine Lines, Ultimo, Freya Idol


Sports Bra

Whether you are a hard core gym junkie or enjoy yoga, everyone needs a sports bra. Personally I like a few depending on the intensity of the exercise I am doing at the time. Now this can send you into a rabbit warren of which sports bra is the best. We have conducted numerous studies over the years and our favourites are….

Moving Comfort, Freya Sports, Panache Sports, Enell.

V Neck Black Lace Applique Long Sheer Sleeves Blush Chiffon Prom Dress

Strapless Bra

This can be another tricky one, finding the right strapless is hard!

Our fit models like…

Fine Lines, Elomi Occasions (It’s more of a corset, but it’s perfect for larger cup sizes), Fantastic, Ultimo

elomi strapless bra

Multiway Bra

Every lingerie drawer needs a multiway/ convertible bra for those halter neck tops, plunging necklines and a crisscross back.

We like Fine Lines and Freya.



A matching lingerie set

It doesn’t matter what look you like, at least one (preferably more) matching bra and knickers. It makes you feel good, simple.

There is an infinite amount of beautiful lingerie out there, you can find something “everyday sexy” or lingerie for a special occasion.

sexy lingerie

Links to the lingerie mentioned (we are not affiliate with these brands in anyway and no money is exchanged) www.finelineslingerie.com.au www.ultimo.co.uk www.freyalingerie.com www.elomilingerie.com www.movingcomfort.com.au