How to Buy Lingerie as a Gift to Woman ?

Buying clothes for someone else is tricky specially when you buy lingerie as a gift, so here are a few tips to help you treat the woman in your life.

How to Buy Lingerie as a GiftSize

Assuming that you haven’t had a chance to take the measurements yourself, you need to find out the size (see the size chart for UK, US and European sizes).

The best way of doing this is to have a look through her underwear draw and check the labels on her underwear (unless she is the type that cuts them off).

When asked, women tend to tell you the size that they would like to be, rather than the size they are. If you are rifling through her drawers, try to find items that she wears more often, as these will be the most comfortable fit, rather than anything that looks hardly worn.

You may find more than one size bra when you go looking but don’t worry she may be one of those women who is an in-between who sometimes needs a 34A and sometimes 34b, depending on the design of the bra.

How to buy lingerie as a gift -


If she usually wears plain white cotton panties/knickers then crotch-less, leather pants will not be for her. Although it is nice to be surprised and to try new things, have an idea of the sort of colors and style she prefers while choosing. Check out the glossary to see the various types of lingerie available. It has got to be comfortable for her to wear as well as looking good.

7 steps to buying lingerie

  1. Lingerie is an intimate gift so be careful don’t go scaring her by buying something that fulfills your fantasy when you have only been together for a couple of weeks.
  2. How saucy is SHE? If you don’t already know you may have to find out. Think about what she likes not just what you like.
  3. You may be thinking of buying her a bra, look at what she normally wears, it is not just size that is important, some girls don’t like to wear under wired or padded bras while others wouldn’t wear anything else. If you want to buy her something for everyday rather than a special occasion look at her everyday dress if she lives in t-shirts then you will need to look at getting a smooth bra that will not show under her top.
  4. Don’t always look at being too practical. There is something rather indulgent in a set of lingerie that you put on only to have it peeled off when you get home.
  5. If you are not sure what color she prefers to wear, if you cant ask then black and white are both classics. But black generally looks good on everyone so go for that.
  6. Many women are self-conscious about their bodies so when you are buying lingerie have this in mind. It is better if you go for the bits she like rather than the bits she doesn’t………
  • Fabulous Cleavage: then show it off in a shelf bra.
  • Big Bottom: then don’t go buying her a thong treat her to some sexy hot pants or even some frilly knickers to spice things up.
  • If she doesn’t like her tummy then go for a classic baby doll rather than a bra and panties set.
  • If she is a curvy girl that not a problem go for a basque this will suit her a treat. Basques are not meant for skinny girls.
  • Great legs then you have to get her something short a baby doll or a chemise will be ideal.
  1. Great wrapping is important. If the shop or website offers a gift wrapping service then use it. Many web sites let you personalize the card on the gift box and a professionally wrapped item in a box filled with colored tissue paper and glittery things will melt her heart and save you the time and trouble of wrapping it yourself!

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