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How To Prepare Your Body For a Diet

Everybody wants to get that perfect body, but everybody should know first the simple question to yourself i.e. How to Prepare Your Body for a Diet?

We all know that losing weight is not so easy, in spite of numerous tips that we can read, which promise weight loss and a fit line. Since the spring is coming and the sun shines again, we all begin to worry about the weight we put on over the winter. When we want to lose weight, it is important to prepare the body and get used to a different diet and physical activities that wait for us.

Check out the following tips that will introduce you the recommended food order and prepare for a controlled diet and weight loss.

How To Prepare Your Body For a Diet

Focus on What you Eat

Concentrate on what you may eat, and not on what is prohibited. If you feel like you’re trapped and all you want to eat is bad for your health, buy larger amounts of foods that are rich in fibers, nutrients, water, and have fewer calories next time you go shopping. Foods rich in fibers will help you have better digestion, you will be more satiated, and sudden fall of blood sugar and energy will be avoided. If you focus on one food that is allowed during the diet, you will gradually forget about unhealthy food and therefore have less desire for it. If you are not sure which food will suit you best, you can always check online for some amazing recipes, which are fast and easy to prepare but yet very healthy and rich with vitamins.

Get Some Sleep

Dream is one of the most important components required for the functioning of the body. When you drop the quality of sleep or you don’t sleep as much as your body needs to recover and rest, you will feel a lack of energy. If you are tired, you will probably lose the mental freshness and it will be hard to concentrate at work, but also at the kitchen table, and especially on a diet. Also, instead of skipping breakfast (which is probably the worst thing you can do to your body), let your first meal of the day be a source of at least five grams of proteins, which will encourage the creation of norepinephrine, neurochemicals that cause excitement, high energy, and you will lose the need for longer sleep. It also tames the appetite.

How To Prepare Your Body For a Diet

Free Your Stress

Forget the stress before eating. You are often busy and have no time to really sit down and eat, and instead you order take-out food and spend insufficient time to have a decent meal. Try to get rid of the stress and pressure before the meal –in this way you will eat slowly, chew your food properly and will feel the signal that says you’re full. Take a walk, call a friend, or relax with a few deep breaths and then sit down at the table, because you can enjoy your meal only when you’re relaxed.


Learn to concentrate and stay focused on what you are doing. If you let your mind wander during exercising or when you go down the street and only bakeries and fast food are attracting your attention, all the effort will fall into the water. Do not let the impulse overcome your desire for success. Impulsive people will bring a sudden decision and will suddenly change their mind in situations when they should think twice, so they will soon give up the diet and reach for the sweets.

How To Prepare Your Body For a Diet


It is the right solution for all the hassle associated with weight, but most of us find it difficult if our form is not satisfactory. Start with simple steps and go for a walk, just half an hour per day. The following day walk faster. Within a certain period, you will move on to exercises that you can perform at home or outdoors and only after your body gets used to the new activity, opt for intensive training. Exercising will disperse cortisol, a stress hormone, and increase the level of the hormone endorphin – the key to our happiness and satisfaction.

Since we all want to look and feel great, bear in mind that nothing can be done suddenly and no good effect can come out of it. Take slow but strong steps towards everything, but especially when it comes to your health.


Guest Author: Theresa Brawner

Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for in her free time. When she isn’t helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes.


A Lazy Mom’s Guide: How to Get in Shape This Summer

Now, when we say lazy mom, there’s no judging and we mean it in the broad sense – most moms struggle to incorporate any exercise into their incredibly busy routine. When you’ve got your family, your household and your job to keep in check, you barely have any time to breathe, let alone squeeze workouts somewhere in between.

Thankfully, there are millions of women all over the world facing the same difficult situation and some of them got creative in coming up with short, but effective exercise regimes, as well as with solutions for eating and losing weight without dieting. Here’s a short guide on how to get in better shape for summer without trying too hard.

A Lazy Mom’s Guide-How to Get in Shape for summer-

Be an Early Bird

You probably already get up quite early to get everything under control, but rising 45 minutes earlier allows you to do a lot more for yourself. After the holidays are over and it’s time to start toning for the summer, carving out some time for exercise is a game changer. You can do whatever you want in those 45 minutes – go for a jog, do some yoga or cardio, and from time to time just have a cup of tea in peace. Taking care of yourself does mean being active, but it also means knowing when to stop and smell the roses.

Water Always and Everywhere

A Lazy Mom’s Guide-How to Get in Shape for summer 2-

Nothing beats water. Sure, there’s an abundance of sugary drinks full of added vitamins and minerals, but nothing brings so many benefits to your body like drinking plenty of water. Bring your water bottle everywhere you go, as being hydrated boosts your metabolism, which enables it to work better and burn calories faster. If you’re not much of a water drinker, you will need some time to form a habit and you will go to the bathroom more than usual, but you will also feel full longer and you’ll regularly flush toxins out of your body.

Go for Short Workouts

Whenever someone mentions exercising, you probably think of spending an hour in the gym, sweating the life out of you. However, things don’t have to be that tough and instead of not doing those extra-long workout sessions, opt out for shorter workouts you know you will do. You can always find 10-15 minutes to do three-song workouts or abs workout that you can do while lying down. There’s a bunch of these routines to check out on the internet, and they’re predominantly reserved for super busy moms. You can also do some light exercise while you’re in the office or are finishing chores around the house. Every little effort contributes to getting in shape faster, so whenever you can, add some physical activity into your routine.

Eat Smart

A Lazy Mom’s Guide-How to Get in Shape for summer 3-

If you haven’t got the time to eat properly, you damn sure don’t have the time to worry about food restrictions, which is why pretty much any diet will fail. Don’t go for a fad diet, but simply make healthier food choices and you’ll start to see those scale numbers go down in no time. Go for snacks that are wholesome and good for you, like fruits, veggies and nuts and know how to portion your meals correctly. When you’re too tired and just haven’t got any strength to cook, feel free to order food, but make sure it’s a meal delivery that can offer you healthy meals, like it’s the case with Home Chef food delivery and any other that gives you real food.

Don’t Do It Alone

Working out always works out 😉 better when you’ve got a partner in crime. If you’ve got friends that also struggle to find time for getting in shape, join forces and inspire each other to exercise together as often as possible. Good company will make it easier to make a firm decision and go to the gym, for a run or do whatever you’ve got a partner for.

You might be a bit lazy or simply quite busy, it doesn’t matter.

Those pounds aren’t going to melt by themselves,

so find the willpower, find the time and get to work.

Theresa Brawner

Guest Author: Theresa Brawner

Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for in her free time. When she isn’t helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes.


How did Melissa McCarthy is Down 75 Pounds?

How did Melissa McCarthy lose 75 pounds?

How did Melissa McCarthy lose

Melissa McCarthy is a national wide recognized American actress, producer, fashion designer and a comedian. In the late 1990s, that when she began her career of television and films appearances. Melissa was born on august 26, 1970 in Plainfield, Illinois, U.S. More is a family woman, and married to Ben Falcone who was her longtime boyfriend. The two are blessed with two beautiful angels Vivian and Georgette.

However, due to her outstanding spirit, character, and personality, her journey in the acting career has been a success. Since she began her career, she has been privileged to appear in many films that have made her win several recognizable awards and many nominations. Essentially, her career originally was based on fashion before she began pursuing the acting career.

During the period Melissa was graced to her glorious fame, her noticeable characteristic was her curvy figure together with her infectious humor and warmth onscreen. Her curvy figure made her decide on making several lifestyle changes. McCarthy’s desire to weight loss was triggered by her unhealthy weight. Her biggest aim was to set a good example for her beloved daughter.

One of the secrets behind weight loss is sleep. She used to go to bed very early after a well-balanced healthy meal plan. In addition, she took low-card diet and a high –protein. Furthermore, engaging in martial arts and some kickboxing is another key factor to her weight loss.

How did Melissa McCarthy lose

Her Healthy meal plan has been her major contribution to weight loss, here are a few of what she considered in her plan.

Consumption of Fiber: She focuses on consuming healthy, high fiber food that contains low calories intake. Some of the fibers include seeds, nuts, nut butter, whole –grained products, vegetables, and fruits. The fiber intake food boosted her metabolism.

Maintain a hydrated body: Through drinking a tall glass of lemon water whenever she was hungry, reflected a big positive impact on her weight loss. Scientifically, water is believed to expand the stomach and making you feel much fuller. This saves extra consumption of calories. Actually, the lemon that is contained in the water plays a role of providing vitamin C that helps indigestion.

Consumption of a lot of proteins: Melissa focuses on getting her calories from high-quality protein. She sourced her protein from organic eggs, wild-caught fish, grilled chicken, egg whites, lean grass-fed beef, and fat- free turkey. This protein gave a positive weight loss effect.

Metabolism pumps up: According to McCarthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, she consumed all natural supplements and two hot cups of green tea. Through this, she eases her body workout and consistently fat burn together with high metabolism maintain ace.

Melissa McCarthy Reveals Her Weight Loss Secret

How did Melissa McCarthy lose

When Melissa McCarthy, enrolled in using the Garcinia Cambogia, approximately she lost 70 pounds. This was a success because she implemented the three phrases of the Garcinia Cambogia food. This consisted strict consumption of protein rich food and per the Garcinia Cambogia food, she finally backed to eating the food she had refrained from .after this well-elaborated structure she attained her weight loss goal and become much healthier and slimmer.

The Garcinia Cambogia is a popular weight-loss supplement which is a tropical fruit. The fruit contains ingredients like Hydroxycitric acid which is less than 50%, potassium deficient, caffeine, sugar, and binders. The potassium helps in improving absorption while the other ingredients enables fat-burning and also cuts back appetite.Garcinia Cambogia also blocks of the enzyme that is called citrate lease that the body does use in fat making.

In fact, it’s believed of blocking the body’s ability to make fat while at the same time it brakes on your appetite. Moreover, it helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels in shape. When you are in a serious plan to weight loss program, the Garcinia dosage depends on the weight and metabolic rate of your body. The best standard of the dosage that is recommended is 500-1500mg of 50%HCA in a day.

For any persons undertaking weight-loss program patient to positive should be first to consider. Lack of patience’s lead people to losing hope which is a big failure to the program. More so, consuming the right recipes meant for weight loss is an added advantage for a quick result. Conclusively, have some exercising time that you can do some boxing, jogging and martial arts.Finally,try maintaining the right food consumption that is required during this process and your desired goal will be accomplished successfully.


How to Choose a Maternity Lingerie?

Maternity Lingerie is rarely chosen as the topic of discussion among women’s fashion trends.

Let’s find out a little bit about them. Because during Pregnancy period, underwear change and need to be concerned to ensure the health and beauty of the mother elected.

How to Choose Maternity Lingerie-

Maternity lingerie is one of those things that make you feel good about being you. Like a good perfume, it instantly elevates your mood. While shopping for maternity lingerie, try and visit a maternity specialty store rather than a lingerie store. The maternity specialty store will have lingerie in the sizes suited for you and more importantly, ones that are comfortable. As every woman knows, nothing can spoil your day like uncomfortable underwear, and during your pregnancy, comfort should be of paramount priority. Choosing your maternity lingerie follows the same principles that you apply to regular lingerie, with a strong preference for function over form, because a mom to be needs all the loving, be it her dear ones or her intimate wear.

The first thing that you need to determine is your budget. Maternity is one of those high-expense periods and you would not want to strain your finances. However, having a lower budget does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on your likes and style. Browse for discount shops nearby to see what options you have. Another great resource you can count on is your girlfriends. Some of them would have ‘been there, done that’, so ask them for references of stores.

How to Choose Maternity Lingerie? -

Comfort is the key consideration while choosing maternity lingerie.

Remember that your body goes through enormous changes in these 9 months. With your ever increasing belly size and weight, you may also get uncomfortable hot flashes, back pain and swelling in your feet and hands. If you are wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes and inner-wear during this time, it will only add to your feeling of uneasiness. However, there are many products available in the market today that give you all the comfort you need as well are great to look at.

How to Choose Maternity Lingerie-

Give especially careful consideration to the comfort factor while selecting your bra.

If you are in the habit of wearing underwire brazier and love the look and support it gives, consider switching to the soft cup variety for a few months. According to many lactation experts, underwire bras damage the tender tissues in your breast as well as block your milk ducts. These can be harmful in the long run. Invest in a great pair of soft cup yet sexy looking bras. This is one area that you can splurge on, because you can wear them even after your delivery. Avoid thongs during pregnancy if you are not used to it. In addition to being uncomfortable, if the fit is not just right for you, it could cause scrapes and rashes.

Note : Follow the washing instructions for your lingerie, as some more delicate items may need to be washed by hand, or materials such as leather may need specialist cleaning.

How to Choose Maternity Lingerie -

Put it all together with a sensual baby doll! Nothing says sexy more than a glowing woman in a negligee. With the right accessories like a scarf, there is no stopping you. Go Girl!

Author: Katie

Katie is an enthusiastic writer who love writing about accessories for woman on Hubnames.



How to Buy Lingerie as a Gift to Woman ?

Buying clothes for someone else is tricky specially when you buy lingerie as a gift, so here are a few tips to help you treat the woman in your life.

How to Buy Lingerie as a GiftSize

Assuming that you haven’t had a chance to take the measurements yourself, you need to find out the size (see the size chart for UK, US and European sizes).

The best way of doing this is to have a look through her underwear draw and check the labels on her underwear (unless she is the type that cuts them off).

When asked, women tend to tell you the size that they would like to be, rather than the size they are. If you are rifling through her drawers, try to find items that she wears more often, as these will be the most comfortable fit, rather than anything that looks hardly worn.

You may find more than one size bra when you go looking but don’t worry she may be one of those women who is an in-between who sometimes needs a 34A and sometimes 34b, depending on the design of the bra.

How to buy lingerie as a gift -


If she usually wears plain white cotton panties/knickers then crotch-less, leather pants will not be for her. Although it is nice to be surprised and to try new things, have an idea of the sort of colors and style she prefers while choosing. Check out the glossary to see the various types of lingerie available. It has got to be comfortable for her to wear as well as looking good.

7 steps to buying lingerie

  1. Lingerie is an intimate gift so be careful don’t go scaring her by buying something that fulfills your fantasy when you have only been together for a couple of weeks.
  2. How saucy is SHE? If you don’t already know you may have to find out. Think about what she likes not just what you like.
  3. You may be thinking of buying her a bra, look at what she normally wears, it is not just size that is important, some girls don’t like to wear under wired or padded bras while others wouldn’t wear anything else. If you want to buy her something for everyday rather than a special occasion look at her everyday dress if she lives in t-shirts then you will need to look at getting a smooth bra that will not show under her top.
  4. Don’t always look at being too practical. There is something rather indulgent in a set of lingerie that you put on only to have it peeled off when you get home.
  5. If you are not sure what color she prefers to wear, if you cant ask then black and white are both classics. But black generally looks good on everyone so go for that.
  6. Many women are self-conscious about their bodies so when you are buying lingerie have this in mind. It is better if you go for the bits she like rather than the bits she doesn’t………
  • Fabulous Cleavage: then show it off in a shelf bra.
  • Big Bottom: then don’t go buying her a thong treat her to some sexy hot pants or even some frilly knickers to spice things up.
  • If she doesn’t like her tummy then go for a classic baby doll rather than a bra and panties set.
  • If she is a curvy girl that not a problem go for a basque this will suit her a treat. Basques are not meant for skinny girls.
  • Great legs then you have to get her something short a baby doll or a chemise will be ideal.
  1. Great wrapping is important. If the shop or website offers a gift wrapping service then use it. Many web sites let you personalize the card on the gift box and a professionally wrapped item in a box filled with colored tissue paper and glittery things will melt her heart and save you the time and trouble of wrapping it yourself!

Author: Katie

Katie is an enthusiastic writer who love writing about accessories for woman on Hubnames.



Different Bra Styles for Different Breast Shapes

For some they are big, they are small, they could be firm or they could be sagging. Yes we are talking about breasts. You can’t ignore your twin best friends. Following are some common breast shapes and best bra styles for different shapes.

Close set

It seems like you have a naughty set. Your breasts can’t stay without touching each other, anatomically. All you need is a bra that divides and rules the uni-boob. Go for moulded cups with high center gore. This will allow your breasts to settle in respective cups and give a fuller look.

Wide set

Unlike close set, your breasts can’t stand the sight of each other. Girl, you should try to patch up the differences between them.

All you need is a bra with sturdy side wings and side boning to support breast tissues and move them into the cups. Opt for a plunge bra or a push up bra. They can enhance your looks dramatically.

Firm and Full

You are a lucky girl! With breasts naturally endowed with perfect firmness and fullness.

If you wonder what’s the best bra type for me then opt for Full coverage bra that gives full support to breast tissues. You can look out for wide range of styles, patterns and fabrics, all of them are going to suit you.


You feel like a ski slope, with flat top and heavy bottom. Don’t worry!

All you need is Demi cup bra with wide straps or a push up bra to give that needed ‘push’ to your beauties. It will give them a rounded appearance as well. You can enhance your appearance at any given time with this best bra style for body shape like yours.

Broad Shoulders

The name suggests it all. You-have-broad-shoulders and a healthy body frame.

All you need is A Demi cup bra with wide set straps for steady hold. A racer back would be ideal if you have a peekaboo moment of straps under your Tee’s.

Narrow Shoulders

You have a petite body frame and narrow shoulders. This structure is by the way very feminine and sexy.

All you need is a racer back or a bra with convertible straps. This would give full coverage to your breasts and a steady grip to the straps.

Uneven Set

One breast is larger than the other. Well, your breasts like see-saw Eh? Well not really, the difference is negligible and the issue can be taken care of.
All you need is a moulded cup bra in a larger size that’ll conceal the irregular shape of your breast giving it the perfect lift.

Conical Set

All you need is a padded bra that would conceal the pointy ends and give a rounded appearance. It makes you look sexy and feel comfortable.

Improved Set

Just a nice way of saying – We know you got a boob job! Like literally, we meant it. You have surgically enhanced your twin friends. We didn’t forget you in our efforts to create best bra styles for different breast shapes!

All you need is a surgical bra or wire free non padded bra if you are recovering from the surgery. Post that, choose underwire bra with side boning for maximum support.

Settled Set

All mature women, in terms of age, fall in this category. The breasts seem to sag and lose their roundness.

All you need is a bra with cups that has multiple seams. The seams would provide firmness and round shape to your set.

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How to Lose Weight (20 Pounds) in 2 Weeks Safely ?

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time, the only way that you’ll succeed is by overhauling your diet and committing to regular workouts. If you’re in need of a fuss free diet plan, that is simple to follow, simply continue reading to discover how you can realistically lose 20 pounds, within 2 weeks. Better yet, you’ll also learn about two miracle diet supplements, that will speed up your weight loss. So what are you waiting for, the only thing you have to lose is excess weight.

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks Safely

How to realistically lose weight (20 pounds) in just 2 weeks?

Simply put, healthy eating is consuming foods which contain the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to operate properly. If you’re serious about losing simply continue reading to discover a fool proof list full of healthy foods, which you should incorporate into your diet.

Healthy foods to incorporate into your diet:

  • – Healthy greens such as kale, spinach and asparagus.
  • – Calciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.
  • – Lean meat such as grilled chicken, ground beef and grilled turkey.
  • – Lean seafood such as tuna and salmon.
  • – Whole grain based products such as brown rice and wholegrain bread.
  • – Eggs, which are packed full of protein.
  • – Beans and legumes such as lentils, black beans and kidney beans.

Weight loss diet and exercise tips

  1. Purchase an inexpensive jump rope

Skipping is a high intensity, cardio work, which can help you burn approximately 135 calories in just 10 minutes. So if don’t own a gym membership, you’ll still be able to work out from the comfort of your own home!

  1. Get into the habit of keeping a food diary

Most people are unaware of the amount of food that they consume on a basis. To keep yourself accountable, start keeping a daily food diary.

  1. When you eat out, make sure to order a small portion or entrée, instead of a main meal

The average main meal served in a restaurant can easily feed two. So why not share a meal with a friend or order a small salad.

  1. Workout during ad breaks

If you have a few minutes up your sleeve, aim to complete a few different body resistance exercises such as lunge, pushups and dumbbell lifts.

  1. Consider downloading a fitness app

As an example, you can upload fitness apps that track the amount of steps that you take on a daily basis as well as how many calories you burn. Some fitness apps will even calculate how many calories you burn swimming, cycling and playing sport.

How to Boost Your Metabolism

Boost your Metabolism - Cuts n cloths

Image Source:Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism is to consume a protein rich diet. As protein is harder for your body to break down and digest, your body will burn extra calories, each time that you consume protein rich foods. You can also speed up your metabolism by converting fat into muscle. According to, a 30 year old woman who incorporates 3-4 strength training sessions in her weekly workout regime, will raise her resting metabolism by 100 calories a day.

What are the Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise that work in 2017?

If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s well worth trying Garcinia cambogia (free trial). ‘Garcinia Cambogia’ tablets contains hydroxycitric acid, which will decrease your appetite and increase your metabolism. Should you consume ‘Garcinia Cambogia’ tablets, with every meal, you should notice that you’ll stop craving unhealthy junk foods, which lead to weight gain.

Alternatively, you may be interested in taking Raspberry Ketone tablets. Raspberry Ketone tablets can assist your body in breaking down fat cells. Better yet, they also contain adiponectin, a natural substance which has been linked to weight loss. Interested in losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks Simply continue reading, to discover how!

Are you ready to lose weight and achieve the healthy, fit body of your dreams? If you’d love to look in the mirror and see a healthy, fit version of yourself, smiling back at you, it’s well worth overhauling your diet, committing to daily workouts and taking weight loss supplements. If you stick to the diet listed above, you should realistically be able to lose 20 pounds, within 2 weeks of committing yourself to your new diet. After all, all you have to lose is excess weight.

Side Bun Wedding Hairstyle (DIY)

The Rope braided side bun is a must try wedding hairstyle for long hair. Take professional help in order to nail this hairstyle idea perfectly. The hairstyle basically starts from the top side of your head – it can be left or right, winds down in a braided style and then it is twisted clockwise and pinned up as a bun. Lots and lots of bobby pins is the secret to keep this hairstyle in place.


Get That Sexy Legs With Gladiator Style Shoes

High Gladiator Sandals are basically a reinvented version of the flat strappy sandals, which (from the classic black or brown to the super glam gold, silver or stone embellished designs) have been a fashion staple in the hot season. Easy to wear, to pair, to style – the strappy Greek style sandals continue to be a shoe hit.

Gladiators are the stylish footwear which can be worn in so many different styles and also look adorable and smart. These are known for their flat soles and lend a versatile look. While these wrap around the foot, these also complete your look by being a modish accessory as well as footwear. While wearing midis, one piece dresses or shorts, you can always opt for a pair of gladiators in neutral or bling to add an additional charm to your appearance.

With these gladiator sandals make a big trend this season, we bring a range of boho-luxe styles to fill your summers with lure and ecstasy. Be the city-chic fashionista by intensifying your style quotient through gladiator sandals for women.

From casual to elegant look, these gladiator sandals can make any outfit look appealing. Avoid too many straps as they might make you look wider or shorter. To create elongating vision, try a pair of gladiators with a solid strip bisecting in the center in order to enhance a vertical line on your frame and you will surely get a lean silhouette.

Gladiators are divided into three styles based on their heights: Ankle-high, mid-calf and knee-high.
The ankle-length gladiators are flat and do not have any heels. They just are not meant for shorter and muscular legs. Choose flat gladiators that end just before the ankle or wrap around it. For wide legs, choose ankle-length gladiators in nude shades to make your legs look slimmer and longer as well.

Mid-calf to knee-length gladiator sandals is meant for occasions when you are not opting for accessories. These will look good in bright colours and eye-catching styles. If you are wearing a monochrome outfit, just add a pair of these shoes to brighten up your look.

Below are Some Awesome Examples















What Is Your Skin Type ?

People always think it is easy to find out what skin type they have, it’s either dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, right? Oh, and of course, normal skin. Unfortunately, things are more complicated. Your skin is the same like your fingerprint, it is different with everyone and anyone. What is more, the skin often takes on multiple personalities, thus, most people incorrectly assume they have combination skin. This can result in unsuccessfully fighting the same skin problem for a lifetime. Luckily, here you can find out some easy ways to find out your skin type.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Type

If your skin feels tight in the morning or after cleansing, then you might have the great chance to have dry skin. One easy test is to apply a piece of clear tape to the forehead, rub gently, and remove. If the tape is embedded with tiny pieces of flakes, your skin is dry.

It could be:

  • Dry and flaky look
  • Tight with small pores
  • Dull appearance
  • Easily wrinkle and line

Oily Skin

Oily Skin Type

If you wake up with a whole shining skin, then your skin is likely the only true oily skin type (oily mostly in t-zone is not the real oily skin). The daily greasy products for oily skin type are never friendly toward the face, and they can be the cause of breakouts.

It could be:

  • Shiny and oily look
  • Enlarged and congested pores
  • Prone to blemish
  • Breakouts happen easily

Combination Skin

Combination Skin Type

Combination skin can be considered as the most common skin type. Many people have excessive oil produced on their foreheads, nose areas and chins, but with dryness around eyes, hair and jaw lines. The easiest way to test is to use a tissue and gently rub on one area of the face, check if there is oil residue on it. If the oil residues appeared mainly on the T-zone, then you are likely to have combination skin type.

It could be:

  • Oily T-zone
  • Dry eyes, hair and jaw lines areas
  • Large pores

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive skin is the most complicated and annoyed one of all skin types, because it usually comes to the genetic side. Apart from the genetic part, this skin type has skyrocketed about 60 percent in the past decades. More and more people are having a “sensitized” skin caused by the wrong use of aggressive products like retinols, alpha hydroxyl acids. If your skin is prone to irritation and redness, or you have the burning sensation, then you are recommended to book a meeting with your dermatologist.

It could be:

  • Sensitive to irritation and rashes
  • Rather thin skin
  • Itching or burning sensation happen occasionally
  • Redness around the face

Apart from these 4 common known skin types, there are also some other skin types that people usually considered as skin conditions.

Acne-prone Skin

Acne-prone Skin Type

Most people think acne-prone is a skin condition, yet, it is also a skin type. Due to different causes, acne-prone types break out more easily than the rest, for instance, hormonal acne for teens. Usually, this skin type is a combination of oily skin and sensitive skin, but it is also possible to be a mix of combination skin type and sensitive skin.

It could be:

  • Easily breakout
  • Sensitive to irritation
  • Oily or combination skin

Dull Skin

Dull Skin Type

Another skin type usually misunderstood as skin condition is dull skin. Due to the aging and environmental factors like sun exposure and air pollution, the skin can have a grayish tone. In addition, wrinkles and lines form easily due to the collagen loss.

It could be:

  • Dark skin tone (lack of natural glow)
  • Usually dry and rough look
  • Easily dark spots


5 Ways to Apply Concealer To Get Flawless Skin

Puffy eyes with dark circles are always a downer for your otherwise gorgeous look.

While there are a host of home remedies for dark circles, when you need a quick-fix, you need to go for makeup.

Concealer is the best way to cover up those marks and pigmentation problems.

And here’s a simple tutorial that will teach you the tricks to apply concealer like a pro.


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Clear Blackheads At Home

Blackheads are probably the trickiest acne to treat because those little suckers are deep in the pores. Blackheads are caused by build up of oil, so blackheads tend to accumulate in the T-Zone where the majority of people are oily. To prevent blackheads you want a good skin care routine and make sure you cleanse your face morning and night. There are a few little tricks to get remove and treat black heads!




Since blackheads are so deep into the skin, exfoliating is key to remove dead skin to reach where the blackhead is so you can treat it. Even if you have a great skin care routine, if you have built up dead skin and clogged pores your acne medication won’t be as effective. Exfoliation using a face scrub will remove dead skin and make it easier to clean your pores. I personally prefer a more intense face scrub but sensitive skin should go for a gentle one.



Placing your face over steamy water or placing a hot towel over your skin opens up your pores. By opening up your pores any acne medication like a toner, cleanser or spot treatment will be more effective and have a deeper clean.


Pore Strips.

I’ve heard that pore strips are fairly harmful to your skin, so I wouldn’t recommend them as a weekly thing but pore strips are pretty effective! They won’t remove every black head but they will remove some.


Clay Masks.

Clay masks are great for controlling oil and cleaning deep into the pores.


A good little at home spa treatment you can do to treat black heads is to first exfoliate with a good face scrub, then steam your face to open up your pores, after your pores have been steamed and open use a face mask and then follow with your usual skin care routine. This will deep clean your pores and treat any black heads! Done continually should dramatically help black heads.


2 Simple Ways Fade Acne Scars/Spots At Home

Woman constantly suffer with acne scars and spots and I know how irritating it can be. You can get acne scars from picking at a pimple so it doesn’t heal correctly leaving a little pesky friend behind. You can also get sun spots from sun exposure and not using SPF. Dark spots on the skin is also known as hyper pigmentation. We’ve found two methods work best for a more even skin tone.

  1. Exfoliating

  2. Lightening/brightening Products


2 Simple Ways Fade Acne Scars At Home


Exfoliating the skin weekly or monthly (depending on how sensitive your skin is and how harsh your exfoliator is depends on how often you exfoliate) will dramatically help make your skin tone more even in texture and color. Spots are only on the outer layers of the skin so exfoliating removes dead skin cells to get down to that fresh, clear skin. Think of it as scrubbing away your old skin down to new skin that more even and clear. Using an exfoliating brush daily to cleanse your skin is great too because it deep cleans your skin daily and gets rid of ALL your makeup while gently exfoliating so every day you’re gently buffing away to new skin. Deep scrubing makes your skin baby soft and doing it every two weeks or so will dramatically lighten acne scars, it’s sort of like getting a resurfacing facial at home.

Lightening/brightening products can come in forms like spot treatments, moisturizers, serums, etc that you leave onto your skin to soak up during the day or night to fade spots. However there are also many brightening facial cleansers as well that will gently exfoliate while you cleanse the skin. These products use certain ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, etc that brighten/lighten the spots. Products that aim to even out the skin tone will have claims like whitening, brightening, correcting, lightening, etc.

I prefer to use both methods to get a more even, radiant skin tone however you can choose one or the other! I exfoliate once a week and use a brightening product at night. I find using both methods together give me the quickest results.

Keep in mind if your skin isn’t used to being exfoliated there is a strong possibility you will break out because all the acne that was under the surface and deep in the pores is now rising to the surface because you’re getting rid of dead skin. So if you break out at first don’t be alarmed stick through it and if it lasts for more than a few weeks stop using it!


9 Bad Habits Can Cause Skin Problems

There are many causes you may not know are behind your break outs. Switching up a few daily habits and making some minor life style changes can drastically improve your skin and keep spots away! Besides eating healthy and drinking loads of water, every day things can have a major effect on your skin.


9 Bad Habits Can Cause Skin Problems


1. Talking on the phone.

Do you have a cluster of pimples on your cheeks where you talk on the phone? Try to use headphones, to talk on speaker or sanitize your phone screen once a day to avoid getting all that bacteria on your skin, girl!


2. Not washing your pillow cases.

Try to wash your pillow cases once a week! Makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, etc all builds up on your pillow case while you sleep and could be transferring onto your skin every night causing break outs.


3. Not Exfoliating.

Exfoliating your skin once a week helps buff away any dead skin that could be blocking and clogging pores. Exfoliating will help your skin get a deeper and more effective clean as well give the skin a more even, smooth texture.


4. Not washing your makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes can have built up dirt, oil and makeup which you’re applying back on your face every time you apply makeup with dirty brushes. Make sure to wash your brushes, especially face brushes, once to twice a week.


5. Drying your face with a dirty towel.

After cleansing your face, dry off with a towel… normal right? Well if you aren’t washing your towel almost daily you could be applying old makeup, dirt and oil back onto your just clean face. Keep your skin clear by washing your towel daily, having back ups of clean towels or using a clean sheet of paper towel to dry your face.


6. Sleeping with your hair down.

Many girls don’t wash their hair every day causing a build up of dirt and oil. Sleeping with your hair down while it’s “dirty” causes dirt and oils transfer onto your face while you’re sleeping! Avoid this by tying your hair up in a bun while you sleep to prevent dirt and oils from getting on your skin and pillows.

7. Not fully removing all of your makeup. 

Makeup is made to stick to the skin so sometimes a light cleanse won’t fully remove all your makeup causing you to go to sleep with left over makeup residue clogging your pores! Use a makeup wipe to remove any makeup and then cleanse the skin for a proper cleanse or simply wash your face twice once to remove makeup and once to cleanse the skin. You could also go in with a toner and cotton pad to remove any excess dirt and oil after cleansing.


8. Using too many/too strong of acne medicated products.

Using too many or too harsh of acne medicated products could be irritating your skin causing it to break out even more! Keep the rest of your skin care gentle and simple and stick with one acne medicated product like a cleanser or spot treatment. Try to avoid acne medicated products that are too strong with over 1 – 2% of a medicated ingredient.


9. Touching your face/picking at your skin.

Try to avoid popping and picking at current acne! When you touch your face and pick at spots you’re spreading bacteria causing new acne. Popping a pimple will spread bacteria and cause the pimple to heal incorrectly resulting in acne scars. If you do pick at your skin make sure you’re sanitizing the area afterwards with a medicated toner to prevent new acne.